SHF – John Oxley

John Oxley Original 1927 Drawings


JO-General-Arrangement-smThe Fleet’s records include an almost complete set of prints, made in 1927 on linen, from the original manufacturing drawings to which the John Oxley was built. These drawings provide details of the hull and machinery and are typical of riveted hull steamships of its period. Some are in poor condition and electronic copies are gradually being made for preservation purposes and as an aid in the vessel’s restoration.

The drawings may also be of use to model-makers or as an aid in research. As they become available, copies of the John Oxley drawings will be offered for sale, either as prints or in electronic (pdf) format. Enquiries should be directed to the Fleet’s Maritime Records and Research Centre. Reduced size samples of these drawings can be viewed on-line by clicking on the hyperlinks below.


221/464 – Midship section
221/464 – Ship’s scantlings (part of Midship section)
222/464 – Displacement scale
223/464 – Capacity plan
226/464 – Bilge and ballast arrangement
229/464 – Stern frame and rudder
230/464 – Aft end framing and watertight flat
233/464 – Panting arrangement
234/464 – Shell expansion
236/464 – Engine and boiler seating – Keelsons and screen bulkheads
238/464 – Upper deck plan
239/464 – Ventilation plan and details of ventilators
695/27 — Arrangement of shafting and seating
Hull Lines