SHF – John Oxley

Ship Structural Glossary



The hull cross-section shows the main elements that make-up the structural parts. The floors with the intercostals, the keelson, plus stringers and the keel make for a strong and stiff floor structure that forms the basis of the hull box structure. The frames with the plating need to resist the side-ways water pressure and the bending and twisting of the hull. The deck beam assists the frames in resisting the side pressure. The combination of the sheer strake, the margin plate, gusset and the re-inforcing angle iron form the top angle of the box structure. Hull-cross
This view shows the fore and aft section of the hull. Each frame is numbered from the stern forward. The intercostals are clearly shown as is one of the bulkheads that provide a watertight compartments in the hull. Hull-trans
With the plates overlapping, the frames are “joggled” to avoid using packing strips between the plate and the frame. PLating
The panting beam stiffens the hull, near the bow, from excessive flexing under the impact forces of the waves. Panting-beam


See the Titanic Research and Modeling Association glossary for these and other marine terms.