SHF – John Oxley

Vital Statistics


Overall length 51m
Beam 9.8m
Displacement 760 tons
Depth 4.6m
Tonnage 540 gross tons
Speed 14 knots
Propeller 4 Bladed, 10′ 6″ (3.2m) diameter by 12′ pitch, cast iron hub. Manganese Bronze bolt on blades
Main Engine Bow McLachland 17.5″+29″+48’x33″-1400 IHP (Indicated Horse Power)
Boilers Two coal fired wetback scotch marine single ended boilers each with three furnaces,
dimensions 12’9″ internal diameter, by 11’3″ long and weighing around 30 ton each.
Working pressure 180 psi. Brundrits boiler circulators.
Forced Draft James Howden forced draft and Brundrits boiler circulators.
Thrust Bearing Michell thrust bearing by Michell Bearing LTD.
Bilge Pump Dawson & Downie air pump.
Feed Pump Weirs main feed pumps and float tank.
Feed Heater John Kirkaldy feed heater and filter.
Generator Sisson steam engine driving a Crompton 8KW 110 volt DC.
Refrigeration Reader steam engine driving L. Sterne refrigeration set.
Ash Ejector Sees ash ejector by Trewent & Proctor (removed when oil fired). Converted from coal to
oil firing by Sergeants in Brisbane in 1947.
Sanitary Pump Dawson & Downie was fitted but has been replaced by a number of pumps over the years.
Steering Engine Bow McLachlan steering engine in bridge with rod and chain to quadrant.
Built 1927 by Bow McLachlan & Co. Ltd, Thistle Works, Paisley, Scotland, 
Ship No.464
to Lloyds 100A1 survey specifications.
Launched Wednesday, 20th July 1927
Condensing Plant Sergeants
Circulator Matthew Paul